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My name is Annabelle and I run language classes for 0-11 year olds, across the Banbury area.

I am Mum to three children, Liam, Elio and Orianne. They are a testament to how different each child picks up a second language, it's true they are sponges, but it is also true they will all do it in their own way.

I'm originally from Saumur and moved to Banbury in 2003 to study and just felt in love with the language and the culture. I have always loved travelling and meeting new people. The wide range of languages just fascinates me, I am passionate about sharing my love not only of the language but of the culture too!

Straight after having my first child, I knew that I wanted to raise him bilingual. My interest in languages became a focus and I decided to train as a Secondary Language teacher, and gained my PGCE in 2011. As a teacher I have seen first hand the benefit that learning languages can bring to children. It improves literacy, helps build confidence, and builds a strong foundation for languages. The younger a child learns a language, the better! 

So just over a year ago, a few weeks before the first lock down, I launched my Lingotot Banbury with a lot of hope and motivation!The year has been as expected but I have learned and had to adapt so much in this short period of time! But my passion hasn't changed and I strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to be inspired to learn a new language, to discover and understand new cultures, as well as deepen their knowledge of their own language.  

I more than ever, want to raise multi-cultural awareness and promote languages in our community and nationally as part of this wonderful group of Lingotot teachers!  

So now I work in collaborations with schools and teachers to make their MFL provision an entire part of the curriculum, ensuring progression across Year groups in Primary with the aim to develop links with secondary school for a successful transition in the language classes.

I also run FRENCH Holiday Camps for children 5 to 11, and family community classes for our youngest learners.


So if you want to inspire your children to learn a second and third language from a young age and open their mind to a wide range of opportunities, join us in one of our classes, or get in touch to discuss how I can help you in this wonderful journey

A bientôt & see you soon


P.S: I have big plans for our community and want to offer more languages very soon. Let me know what you are looking for.



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My daughter really enjoy learning French

"My daughter really enjoy learning French with lovely Annabelle from Lingotot Banbury! My child has a lot of fun playing games, singing, doing art&crafts, learning new words and listening to stories during her French lessons! We are very grateful Annabelle for inspiring our child to learn language and highly recommend her classes!"

Nataliia Sushkevych

They absolutely love learning french with you

Bella and Leo ... aka my kids! They’ve really enjoyed working together on this and watching your videos!

They absolutely love learning french with you x

Tanya Camilleri

I honestly couldn't not recommend Lingotot Banbury

I honestly couldn't not recommend Lingotot Banbury
 any higher!!! Annabelle Cointre
 is fun, witty, imaginative and playful in her teaching and my children absolutely LOVE learning French with her!

Merci Annabelle! Tu es le meilleur professeur de tous les temps!!!

Vikkie Murray

You have really inspired my children

Thank you so much! You have really inspired my children and they have developed a love for language that I always hoped they would.

Vikkie Murray

The lesson today was amazing

Bonjour! The lesson today was amazing! Your were the superhero mom with the little ones around. We all can emphasize, especially now! Merci


I was astonished

My husband "showed me this morning, that when he says “frapper”, Noah claps. 

I was astonished that he has absorbed that so quickly. He clearly associates French with his dad, because he doesn’t do it when I say it!"

All the best

Fahima Syeda

Loved this session!

Anna and Huw (hiding behind screen!) Loved this session!

Thank you for the accompanying resources which will be part of our homelearning this week.

It was lovely to see Anna joining in so enthusiastically and looking so heureux!! Thank you!

Lisa Pearson

My daughter always leaves the class repeating the words and actions she learned

"My 18 month old daughter

and I have been participating in

Annabelle's classes for a few months now and we love it.

As a French native, it is very important that she be exposed to French as much as possible, but it's difficult living in an English speaking country.

Since we started taking Annabelle's class, I have noticed that my daughter's French vocabulary has increased a lot. The classes are fun and engaging, and my daughter always leaves the class repeating the words and actions she learned, which is wonderful to see.

Thank you Annabelle!"

Matt Martin

I would highly recommend Annabelle as her professionalism, flexibility and positivity has made the provision of French at St John’s a success.

At St John’s School we started French lessons with Annabelle during the Autumn term 2020. From the start the children were very engaged with their lessons. Annabelle follows a dedicated scheme which provides an excellent structure and clear progression.

The lessons are fun and interactive, and the children enjoy learning in a variety of ways.

During the lockdown periods Annabelle has facilitated learning remotely and the children have managed to keep up with the Programme.

I would highly recommend Annabelle as her professionalism, flexibility and positivity has made the provision of French at St John’s a success.

Mrs Krystyna Bickley, Headteacher @ St John's Catholic School, Banbury

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