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My name is Ellain and I am a married mum of one. I am bilingual Chinese and have also taken French lessons as a child. My French is very limited but I found that I can pick it up much more easily because of the foundation I had as a child. So I wanted a class for my daughter that would teach her a foreign language while she is very young. I’ve been to a few different language classes for children I found Lingotot to be the best. The classes are packed full of interactive songs, games, stories, a craft and most importantly are fun! All of the sessions are conducted almost entirely in the target language and you learn with your children. I’ve always wanted the flexibility of my own business now that I have a little girl so I decided to get the franchise.

Classes are suitable for babies, toddlers, young children and their parents/carers so that the whole family can enjoy learning a new language together. We offer plenty of support for mums, dads and grandparents, so you can continue your family's language learning journey at home.


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Spanish Tutor Lalani

Hello, my name is Lalani & I am a Mother of one. I have been teaching Spanish for Lingotot Belvedere since October 2017 and now also teach for Lingotot Bexley.

I first learnt Spanish at school and then continued to study it at university, lived in Spain and continued to keep up my language skills during my adult life. I have tutored GCSE students privately and now alongside working for Lingotot, I try and sing and read with my son in Spanish. At 3 he can count to Spanish in 20 and knows a number of other words through songs.

Languages are so important as a foundation for the future in our ever increasing multilingual society and business world. I lived in a household where as well as English being my Mother tongue, my parents also spoke Sinhalese and even now although I do not speak it as much, I can still understand it, which shows how once your brain has absorbed the sounds languages can come back to you even if you have not spoken them for a while.

I am an enthusiastic dancer and singer and look forward to helping you and your young ones learn Spanish the fun way.

I look forward to meeting you!


French/ German Tutor Sarah now also owner of Lingotot Bexley






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