Brentwood Lingotot Centre

Brentwood Lingotot Centre

Hi, I'm Gemma from Lingotot Brentwood. As a mum to two young boys, I am very interested in developing them to the best of my ability. One of the things I am very keen to do is to introduce them to a foreign language very early on. 

I looked into research and everywhere states that starting a child with a foreign language as early as possible gives them lots of advantages in the language and they pick up the language so much easier. My wish is for my own boys to learn a foreign language as a way to give them an early start on something I consider to be very important.

When I researched the Lingotot classes in more detail I realised it was exactly what I wanted for my own children.  I thought that if I was interested in accessing the classes offered by Lingotot, then perhaps other local parents would be in a similar situation and so I started my own Lingotot franchise in Essex.

As a franchisee I have the opportunity to run my own business which I can work around my children but with the backing and support of a well-established and respected organisation behind me.  It’s a thrilling prospect for me and an even more exciting opportunity for the young people of Essex to access the Lingotot learning materials which have proved so successful in getting very young children interested in Modern Foreign Languages.

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