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Gloucester Lingotot Centre


My name is Leanne, the Lingotot lady in Gloucester. 

I've always loved learning. After serving 10 years in the Royal Air Force as a linguist I went to university to study languages and train as a primary school teacher. It was while working in schools that I realised how much young children LOVE learning foreign languages (as much as I do!) Pupils would stumble over themselves to tell me the foreign words they already knew, proud of the fact that they could count to five in a different language. 

And so, I got thinking one day how great it would be to teach languages to young children in a fun, interactive way that captured their imagination; how wonderful it would be to meet like-minded parents who want to learn alongside their children and give them a fantastic start in life with Modern Foreign Languages; how fabulous it would be to change the myth that language learning is difficult. And so here I am, the Lingotot lady teaching languages in Gloucester. 


I offer fun community classes in Gloucester and Stroud for children aged 0-5. We sing, play games, move and do crafts. These sessions are as much for the grown ups to learn key vocabulary as they are for the children.

In EARLY YEARS settings

I deliver French and Spanish to nurseries, playgroups and childminders. Lessons last for 30 minutes and include lots of movement, games and fun, including parachute games! All children receive a certificate at the end of each 10 week block to celebrate their fabulous success. There is also the option of a full-colour workbook to track the children's learning journey, which includes ideas and tips to continue the learning long after Lingotot has left the building.

In Primary Schools delivering PPA 

If your staff lack the confidence to deliver MFL or you struggle to fit the KS2 requirements into the busy school day then I can most certainly help. I can deliver MFL to meet the National Curriculum's requirements while your hard-working teachers get on with their PPA. PPA can be for KS1 or KS2, with the KS2 course leading to a qualification! 


After School and lunch time clubs are available from as young as Reception. These clubs are very much focussed on the fun element of learning a foreign language, with lots of games and songs in the target language. There is also the option for a drama-based ASC for the older children. Clubs can be funded by schools or parents. For the latter, all of the administration can be done by Lingotot Gloucester.

HOMESCHOOLED children and their families

Lingotot Gloucester offers lessons for groups of home educated children, following the National Curriculum for MFL.  For more information about this, please don't hesitate to email me, Leanne, at 


When and where are your classes?

  • Monday Spanish for under 5s, Longlevens Community Centre, 13:30 - 14:30 
  • Thursday Spanish for age 5+, Tesco Community Room, St Oswalds Tesco, 16:30 - 17:15
  • Thursday Spanish for adults, Longlevens Community Centre, 19:30 - 20:20
  • Friday Spanish for under 5s, Rodborough Hall, Stroud, 13:30 - 14:30

Please contact me on my email address gloucester@lingotot if you would like information about attending your nursery or school

From what age are the classes appropriate?

The youngest I've had in class so far is just 3 months old, but you've welcome to come along with your baby whenever you feel ready. 

My baby can't even speak English yet, should I still come?

Absolutely, yes! Babies brains are conditioned to listen to the language around them from the day they're born, if not before! If you have a spare 10 minutes, watch this amazing (and cute) video showing how a 6 month old baby learns language...

I was rubbish at languages at school, what if I can't do it in your class?

If you got 0/10 in your Spanish or French vocabulary test at school, you are more than welcome in Lingotot's classes! You will not be asked to speak infront of anyone...ever! I will never put you on the spot. It is not school, it is a fun class filled with like-minded, possibly nervous parents who want the best for their child...just like you! If you have a willingness to shake a parachute, join in with physical actions and a sense of fun you will get along just fine. 

Can I breastfeed during class?

Breastfeeding mothers, bottle-feeding fathers, rice cake weilding're all welcome in our friendly sessions. 

Do you do pay-as-you-go?

No, classes are charged in blocks by the half term.

How do I book?

Booking is done online and paid for using PayPal. Simply find the class you're interested in on the right hand side of this page.

I don't have PayPal. How else can I pay?

I can send an invoice with my bank details on for bank transfer if you don't have a PayPal account. 

Do you offer sibling discount?

Yes. Please contact me directly via email. 

What if my child doesn't sit still in class?

It is not school, it's a fun-filled, energetic Spanish session. Providing your child is safe and not overly disruptive they can wriggle and jiggle to their heart's content.


I hope that you share my love of languages and have found what you were looking for here on my webpage, but if you do have any questions which are not addressed here, please get in touch with me via email or via my Facebook page.

So, who's coming out to play?

Leanne x



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