Greenwich Lingotot Centre

Greenwich Lingotot Centre

Hello, my name is Lou and live in Brockley in South East London. My love of languages started after a school trip to Seville when I was 13. The trip started a long love affair with Hispanic culture, has lead me to travel extensively around Spain and Cuba and propelled me to study European Studies with Spanish at University.  During my studies, I lived in Madrid for 18 months and cried at Barajas airport when I had to return to London.

I would say that French is in my blood, I have a family of Francophones, as many of my close relatives are from the Ivory Coast/ Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa, French has always been a big part of my life. I am incredibly lucky to have spent my summer holidays running around beaches in Ivory Coast with army of cousins joking and larking about in 'Franglais' or ‘Frenchlish', these experiences at early age peaked my interest in learning languages and I was lucky enough to have many Ivorian cousins who came to London to live with us in my family home, who were able to help me hone my French language skills.  

Whilst studying for my first degree in European Studies with Spanish, as a part time role to fund my studies, I trained to become a Music and Movement teacher. Through music, singing and play, it was my job to lead a class of children from the ages of 6 months old to 5 years. Every class had a different theme and it was incredibly interesting and rewarding to chart the progress of my pupils. I am an active member of London Soul Choir, enjoy singing and amateur dramatics. When not singing or talking (I talk a lot!), I run a group for women called ‘Wildflowers of Lewisham’. I act as a mentor for a charity called the Girls’ Network helping to provide teenagers support during their GSCES and A Levels.

All these experiences and more, have led me to embark on my new journey with Lingotot. I am beyond excited to launch Lingotot Greenwich offering Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Arabic classes to children from birth to age 11.  I have first-hand felt the effect of learning a language at a young age and the opportunities in life that have been unlocked by being able to communicate with others whilst travelling the world. Lingotot Greenwich will be launching soon! Come along and say hello, and introduce your children to the magic of language learning. For more information contact me on Facebook at Lingotot Greenwich or email me at I can’t wait to meet you!

¡Hasta Luego!/ À bientôt!

Lou x 


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