Harrogate Lingotot Centre

Harrogate Lingotot Centre

We are Irene and Patricia Sanchez-Gonzalez, originally from the sunny Spain and we would like to say WELCOME, BIENVENIDOS to Lingotot Harrogate.

  Patricia is Teacher Assistant in a Primary School in Harrogate and she´s got vast experience working with children of all ages; she began running urban summer camps in Madrid when she was just 18 in order to pay for her studies of Early Years Education at the University and, once she got her Diploma, she’s been working nonstop over the years, always involved in children’s education. As a curiosity, she even studied professional clown techniques and storytelling for children, bringing to life the cheeky clown “Piruleta”.

  Irene, after 3 years at the University doing Languages Studies, decided to change her career direction and completed a Higher degree in Information and Marketing for Tourism, joining in this way two big passions: languages and travel! Working for an international Tour Operator, she managed to have a glimpse of the world out there, visiting many countries: USA (where she stayed for a few months!), Finland, Norway, France, Dominican Republic, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and many more! Funnily enough, she’s never visited the UK until she moved to Harrogate in 2013, when she decided to follow her sister Patricia in her Yorkshire adventure. Happily married now, she’s got 2 amazing little children, that she’s raising bilingually, English – Spanish.

Up to this day, we don’t know if we chose Lingotot or if Lingotot chose us for this new episode in our lives. When we first heard about the classes, the way Lingotot brings languages to families, we both knew that it was exactly what we wanted: a perfect way to share with others the gift of being able to speak another language, in a fun, interactive way. The more we learned about the Lingotot Philosophy, the deeper we fell in love with it. This way, Patricia, a passionate teacher and Irene, a linguistic-mum, decided to take Lingotot Harrogate in September 2019; we just can’t wait to see you all in our classes in Community Centres, Nurseries and Schools all around the Harrogate-Knaresborough area.

Irene and Patricia Sanchez- Gonzalez

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