Harrogate Lingotot Centre

3rd Lockdown Monday: Support Local

Posted: Mon, Nov 23, 2020 2:39 PM

Today, after 3 weeks of this Lockdown 2.0, I want to reflect a bit : " Support Local this Christmas." What does it mean to you? I'm just asking because I read it everywhere, and applied to almost everything these days and, I might have the best intentions to support the local bussines in Harrogate ( or at least the very few that still survive) but... I move on, keep scrolling, turn the page and I don't seem to be doing anything at all. What can I do to actively support our local business?

As a small business owner, Lingotot Harrogate, I need support from my community to survive, not just this pandemic, but to keep my business going at all. This support I need comes in many different ways: sometimes is a good review about my classes, sometimes it's mentioning my classes to someone looking for a new activity for the kids, sometimes it's sharing the work we do with others, sometimes it's just saying THANK YOU,.. all this little things mean the world to me and keeps me going, no matter what, with a smile. 

I'm doing these things for other business I know are struggling, as much as mine, these days. I really want to help to keep them going.

By the way, the highlight of my week was turning into a Superheroe, not once but twice! and enjoy myself telling the story of a far away galaxy in need of some kidness. If you haven't seen it, visit now our Facebook page and find the video! I think it's the best story I've told so far. I hope you like it!

See you next Monday!