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Another lockdown Monday, here we go!

Posted: Mon, Nov 16, 2020 8:48 AM

It's Monday, 16th of November already. Believe it or not! 

Another week went down in the calendar of this extrange 2020; second week of this second lockdown. The highlight of my week? Turning into a wolf for our Story Time! It was good fun getting to play with face painting for a while. Recording the story wasn't so much fun though; my 2 years old boy was there making a mess and, at some point, even the dog joinned in. It's a miracle that I managed to even finish the story at all. 

We had wet dog walks along the week, flu jabs, dentist, and feeling under the weather most of the time. Days went by between cooking and school runs. My kids asked for the Christmas decorations ( I blame the school for this! ) and I, reluctantly, took some out of the storage and put them up around the house. I do have Christmas Crafts projects in mind, of course! But I believe mid November is just too early to get me all excited with the glitter and glue gun. I'm holding my horses just a bit longer. Besides, we are moving home at some point in December ( fingers crossed, if everything goes right!) so I don't want too much on the way. Try to explain that to my kids!!! 

So here we are, facing another week of pretty much the same. Have you done all your Christmas shopping? I don't even know where about to start... I want to support local businesses as much as I can, so any aideas, please, send them my way!

Tomorrow morning, I will be playing SuperHeroes with the kids from Mud and Puddles, and I can't wait! They asked for it last week; they wanted Superheroes (in Spanish, of course!) so I have an amazing story to tell them, all about far away Galaxies and Superkids with the most amazing superpowers! If they like it, I might record it for our Story Time on Sunday, something different to cheer us all a bit!