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Kensington Lingotot Centre

Bonjour, ¡Hola!, Ciao, Hello, 你好!,

Welcome to Lingotot Kensington everyone! My name is Livia Genevieve and I was fortunate enough to live in many different places picking up languages as I was growing up and as a young adult.  

And "picking up" is my favourite expression when it comes to learn a language because it should be easy, quick, informal, fun and exciting just like when you are waiting for your friends to pick you up on your way to a wonderful day out!

I truly believe in introducing children to languages through play, songs and fun! My 5 year old son is a great example as he speaks 5 languages fluently and the best part is: everyone can do it!

With Lingotot all of the sessions are conducted almost entirely in the target language and you learn with your children too, naturally. We offer plenty of support for you parents but also for the grandparents, so you can continue your family's language learning journey at home. 

If you would like English, Italian, Spanish, French, or Mandarin online lessons for your children ( group or 1:1), please get in touch with me, my email is During school holidays we organise holiday camps and forest schools as well. 

Finally our  teaching method works for Mamas & Papas too!  We offer 1:1 classes, adult conversation that is interactive and fun in English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin and French. 

Don't forget to also keep up to date with everything we're doing by following us on Facebook and Instagram @lingototkensington and if you have any questions, please get in touch!


Livia & the Lingotot Kensington team


Lingotot is a multi-award-winning languages programme being delivered to over 20,000 children across the UK each week. The classes are taught through songs, games and stories. They are design for babies 0 up to 11 years old and they are great fun for the parents/carers as well.


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Italian class

As part of my Lingotot journey I enrolled Chiara and Albie in Italian lessons with another franchisee, Lingotot Kensington, as I wanted them to make the connection with the language with other children and adults. Language learning need not be regimented, with only one parent speaking the second language. Since joining joining the lessons it's like something has been switched on in Chiara's brain, she's so much more confident and has started producing Italian freely.
Lingotot lessons are fun, interactive and full of so many ways for parents to support ongoing language learning.
I found Chiara in my office the other day playing with Lingotot toys and repeating Italian verbs over and over. Proud mummy

C. G


Thank you so much! My daughter really enjoyed her Mandarin lesson!


Laboratorio di Inglese

Se cercate un approccio alla lingua inglese in modo divertente e coinvolgente lingotot è sicuramente quello che fa X voi. Con i miei due bambini di 6 e 2 anni abbiamo cantato, ascoltato con interesse il racconto del simpatico libro proposto. In un momento storico come questo ci tenevo che i miei bambini comprendessero ( ognuno nel proprio modo avendo età diverse ) che c’è un mondo che li aspetta fatto di altri bambini che vivono altrove e che una lingua diversa dalla nostra è importante, divertente e comprensibile più di quanto si creda. Lingotot non vi deluderà

Emanuela B.


The class is lively and interesting. The teacher's pronunciation is clear and easy to understand. Children likes simple hand made works very much.

Layla Chien

Lingotot Kensington : Chinese class

My grandson loves his Chinese class with Lee laoshi. He is a very active child and the session is perfect for him because it is packed with fun activities that keep him moving and entertained. His flency has also increased dramatically since starting the course. I would highly recommend Lee laoshi.

E. Magri

Laboratorio di Inglese - Bellissima esperienza

La mia sezione di bimbi ha gradito moltissimo la condivisione di questa esperienza.
Ben strutturata e adatta ai miei bimbi.
Ringrazio tutti voi per aver reso entusiasmante l'esperienza.

N. Spano

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