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Rugby Lingotot Centre

Hello, hola, bonjour!

My name is Layla and I run Lingotot Rugby!

I recently moved to Rugby with my husband and two kids, 7 and 3. We try and speak more than 1 language at home and as I personally grew up more or less bilingual, I very much believe how important learning a language is and the benefits it can have starting from a young age.

I have been teaching for several years and I felt something was missing in my world. This is when I found Lingotot where I would be able to bring my passion for languages by teaching our children of today and show you how the learning is flexible and fun for all families.

When I first heard about Lingotot, I did some research and straight away I knew that this was missing in my region.

Lingotot is a multi-award-winning languages programme being delivered to over 20,000 children across the UK each week. The classes are taught through songs, games and stories. They are designed for babies 0 up to 12 years old and they are great fun for the parents/carers as well.

Lingotot sessions run in nurseries, primary schools-breakfast, lunch and afterschool clubs, KS1 and KS2 (PPA cover) and holiday clubs.

I am very keen to get started, so if you would like Spanish, French, German lessons for your children in a particular area, please get in touch with me, my email is

Lingotot Rugby is now running online language classes and you can find more information at:  

I'd love to see you at a class very soon. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Bye bye, Hasta pronto, Au revoir!



  • From parents

Free Taster - French (Spring 2021)

"A few weeks ago, my son (3 years old - nearly 4) had a taster session of the French class which Layla led. The session was excellent! Layla taught at a good pace and appropriately encouraged participation from all children. The content was presented in a fun and exciting way which made it easy to learn. My son really enjoyed the session and as a result I have enrolled him in the class for the term. My son continues to look forward to the class every week. I am extremely happy with the classes and my son's progress thanks to Layla. I absolutely recommend Layla and Lingotot to anyone keen to get their little one learning French or indeed Spanish for that matter."


Free Taster - Spanish (Spring 2021)

We have always been interested in our daughter learning a second language.  With lockdown, we felt like this was the perfect opportunity to begin new adventures, seeming as we can’t go on any just yet.

Layla invited Scarlett and I to a taster session.  It was such a jolly, engaging and memorable experience.  Scarlett threw herself straight in.  Participation is encouraged, but not forced.  

Lingotots has transformed our Saturday mornings!  Scarlett looks forward to her lessons every week.....I’m learning from them too!


Free Taster Session

My son really enjoyed your taster session.You are amazing in teaching by clearly using cards and I really appreciate the introduction of words in writing, so that my son can actually see the difference between English and French how they write and details clearly.

My son enjoyed your session. 


Lingotot Rugby - Spanish Lessons Summer 2020

“My 5 year old daughter Alice loved her Spanish classes with Layla.  Layla was great at organising the class so that everyone had a chance to speak and no one was talking over each other.  She was friendly and encouraging - Alice was a bit nervous to join the online sessions to begin with as we have never met Layla face to face but Layla soon made her feel at ease. The sessions definitely became a highlight of our week during the summer holidays!”


Lingotot Rugby - Spanish Lesson during Summer 2020

Oliver really enjoyed the lessons and seemed to engage with you very quickly.  
After we tried a free session Oliver was very keen to continue the Spanish lessons over the summer. 

Oliver said "it was great, I liked talking about my hobbies".  


Lingotot Rugby - Spanish Lessons during lockdown 2020

Our daughter Lola has been attending Layla’s Spanish lessons over the lockdown period via Zoom and she has thoroughly enjoyed every session finding them fun and interesting. She loves the way Layla uses a good mixture of songs, opportunities to learn new vocabulary, stories and games. The props she uses are a good addition to the oral focus of the lessons. Lola feels valued and appreciated by Layla and supported to have a go with new vocabulary. We ,as parents, have been very impressed with the way she has got to know Lola and has related the learning to Lola’s life which helps to maintain Lola’s interest. Layla’s use of praise is excellent and if a child mispronounces a Spanish word she doesn’t correct them in a way which could embarrass the child, but repeats it correctly to encourage them to say it correctly the next time. We love the way that the learning builds upon previous learning and that there is a good balance of new learning and repeating and consolidating prior learning. Every lesson is clearly titled, so that Lola knows what the learning is about and Layla asks interesting questions before the learning through email, such as ‘How many rooms do you have in your home?’ to engage the child (and to practise a skill like counting in Spanish) before developing their Spanish knowledge on that area further. We have been very happy with the lessons and would definitely recommend Layla’s Spanish lessons to other parents.


Melissa and Martin

Lingotot Rugby - FREE Spanish Lesson 26/04/20

Hayden enjoyed the Spanish lesson- he was just a bit nervous as was new. It was great and he liked being able to share his toy and use as part of his learning and the focus was spot on. 

Thank you for doing it. 


Lingotot Rugby - FREE Spanish Lesson 26/04/20

Hi Leyla 

The lesson was fantastic thank you! 

Mellinda learned few great words and was super excited to pick up new language. 

The song was a great touch to the lesson and the whole experience was nice and easy for kids. 

Hope there will be another one

Thank you 



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Spanish After School Club (Hillmorton Primary School ONLY) - ONLINE

Total course price: £10.00

2 sessions starting on
Wed, May 18, 2022 4:30 PM

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Spanish After School Club (Online)

Total course price: £10.00

2 sessions starting on
Thu, May 19, 2022 4:15 PM

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Spanish After School Club (Hillmorton Primary School ONLY) - ONLINE

Total course price: £30.00

6 sessions starting on
Wed, Jun 8, 2022 4:30 PM

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Spanish After School Club (Online)

Total course price: £25.00

5 sessions starting on
Thu, Jun 9, 2022 4:15 PM

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