Rugby Lingotot Centre

The 1st half term - Autumn 2020

Posted: Mon, Oct 26, 2020 4:00 PM

We are still living in uncertained times and with not knowing from 1 day to another how things will go, I can say that Lingotot Rugby has had a fabulous 1st half term of teaching both Spanish and French to children ages between 3yrs - 8yrs across the region and other parts of the UK - all done remotely.

The children have logged on every Saturday morning to learn the language, through singing songs, playing games and interacting with each other. They have even made their own books specifically for the lessons to jot down the language learnt on the day.

It has been lovely to see each child engage and show enthusiasm through a computer and the best part...... we even dressed up for a special occasion 'Halloween'.

It just shows that learning can be done through all avenues and my lingotots have proved that.

Lingotot Rugby can't wait to continue and carry on with the teaching after half term and to bring the fun of languages to the children.