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Win a place on one of our language themed clubs during our summer festival!

Posted: Thu, May 20, 2021 8:46 PM

I first met Susan Barnes during lockdown, over zoom, during a mindfulness and wellbeing session as part of Chiara's homeschooling timetable at the Rissington School.  And wow I was blown away by the techniques used to help children cope with what was going on in the world, positive mindset messaging abound, engaging lessons, themed stories - Chiara was hooked, for a whole 30 minutes (and this was AFTER a phonics zoom, a Joe Wicks session and before maths, but she still remained attentive and involved).  I was intrigued, and so as lockdown has lifted I was delighted to partner with Happy at Heart CIC, run by Susan Barnes, as she launches her own innovative workshops designed to help children engage, empower and excel promoting resilience and confidence in primary aged children.  I jumped at the chance to enrol Chiara and exploring these workshops more with Sue I realised the incredible synergy through what I am also trying to achieve with Lingotot West Oxford - giving children a headstart with their language learning journeys, approaching subject matter through games and crafts and creating a connection between children's learning and the world around them.


And so our partnership is born, and we are delighted to offer one child the chance to receive a month's workshop free through Happy at Heart CIC and three days of holiday club during Lingotot West Oxford's summer language festival completely free.  The value of the prize is over £150!  


So what do you need to do to enter?  The theme of Happy at Heart's June workshop for Key Stage One children is Enchanted Kingdom, which was also one of the themes during our Easter holiday camp (see the synergies??).  So we're asking you to submit your own picture or structure of an Enchanted Kingdom - think Fairy Garden, Castles, Dungeons and Dragons - whatever this evokes for your children!   Create your masterpiece, label with some words in either French, Spanish or Italian - your submission could be a video of your child talking about their creation and what they have included or just a photo with some labels of key vocabulary -  whatever they feel comfortable with.   Submit your entry to westoxford@lingotot.com and susan@happyatheartcic.com by Friday 18th June and we will then decide on a winner!  Keep an eye on my social media channels for some language tips over the coming weeks during the competition too and I'll run through some language that might help your children complete their entries.


Prize will be valid for a three day camp for any dates throughout 2021, and for a one month workshop for any dates throughout 2021.  There is no cash equivalent for the prize.  By entering the competition you consent to sharing data across both parties.  Images and videos will not be shared across social media or marketing channels without prior consent.  Competition entries do not need to be exclusive to students of the Rissington School.  Entrants must be between the age of 5 and 11 (or 4 and in reception year).  Friends and family members of either Happy at Heart CIC or Lingotot West Oxford are excluded from any prize.