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Maidenhead Lingotot Centre


I'm Claire and I'm really excited to be one of Lingotot's newest franchisees covering Maidenhead and its surrounding areas!

I have a huge passion for languages, practising very early on role playing Spanish conversations with my dad from a 1960s phrasebook when I was about 7. I am also a proud owner of two My First 1000 Words books in French and Spanish which are 40 years old and very well-loved! I studied French and Spanish at high school and went on to study Spanish at The University of Birmingham. Spanish has opened so many doors for me and seen me living, working and studying in some incredible places such as Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, as well as Brazil when I was studying Portuguese. After English it's the second most widely spoken languages in the world - just imagine how many people that means I can communicate with! Since then I've been feeding my addiction for language learning and gone on to study Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese and Swahili to varying degrees of success! The key is to start early in early as you can! 

I am a very proud mum of toddler Finlay and baby Livia who have been subjected to Spanish nursery rhymes since the day they were born. Without the budget for a bilingual nanny I would have loved to fully immerse my children in a foreign language (or two...or three!) but there were no classes around that gave this experience. So they got stuck with me! But that's where Lingotot allows ME to give YOU that opportunity! Through, fun, interactive classes full of song and dance, crafts and stories, whether in nursery, primary school or a huge variety of community classes, all with qualified teachers, your children can learn without realising it!

I remember when I was teaching English in Colombia. I had a 7 year old boy for a 2 hour private class. He didn't want to speak. He was incredibly shy. He just sat and listened while I read and animated the page in front of him. At the end of those 2 hours his mum picked him up and as they walked off down the corridor to go home he turned around, waved and said "see you later, alligator". My heart did a somersault. And I want you to have that feeling too when your little ones come home after a class singing a song or teaching you the new words they learnt. It's never too early to start!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on

¡Hasta luego!

Claire (or Clarita as I'm always known by my Spanish speaking friends!)


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Fully engrossed throughout!

I joined Claire for one of her Spanish zoom sessions with 4 little ones aged 2 and 3. All 4 children were fully engrossed throughout the whole session because Claire was so engaging and the sessions were really interactive. They joined in with the actions and some of them tried to joined in with a few of the words because of the great use of repetition. I will definitely being joining Claire for future sessions!

Jennie Moore, childminder

Engrossed the whole time

Thank you Claire for such a fabulous Spanish lesson - James absolutely loved it. He’s normally a right fidget bum but he was engrossed the whole time and enjoyed all the actions and music. He can’t wait for the next lesson and we will be highly recommending you to everyone.

Naomi, mum of James, aged 4

Asked for another story!

My daughter, whilst shy at first, really enjoyed Claire's class, following the actions with the songs and even asking for another story at the end!

Hannah, mum of Catalina, aged 2

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