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Languages have always been a part of my life - growing up with an Italian Dad meant that family holidays would always involve visiting grandparents and relatives in Pisa. I never really made a conscious effort to learn to speak Italian as a child however, I was always aware of the need to communicate with my family. It was when I took Italian at GCSE that I realised I didn't have a clue about written grammar and a lot of what I had learned was dialect! Thinking about it, the hard part was already done - I could speak with a pretty convincing accent and could understand most of what I read and heard so the written part came quite easily - the icing on the cake so to speak. Learning French was totally different and I think a harder experience since I was an awkward teen and discussing books and films was trickier than cartoons!

After my degree, I worked in the City of London for various broking houses until I became disillusioned with banking. I retrained as a Primary MFL teacher at Greenwich and spent a fantastic part of that year teaching in a French school just outside of Lille. I realised that teaching languages was really what I'd been looking for and threw myself into my job. At that time, the government had just made learning a language at primary school compulsory so there was a lot of funding around which we used to encourage children in Thurrock to really embrace a second language. I loved helping to set up a teacher exchange programme with France and we also had 'penpal' exchanges with their classes. I also took groups of children over to Normandy for residential trips to learn about the region and history. 

So here I am, several years later after doing a lot of supply teaching, now running my own small business, still trying to bring the love of language learning to young children. From my experience and according to research, there really is no better time than childhood to learn a second language - there are fewer inhibitions; the brain is set up for language learning anyway; children don't try to translate things directly and the topics are much simpler to grasp. I could go on - there are just so many benefits to learning a second language even if it's just to look cool on holiday when ordering an icecream! I think it opens so many doors for our children  - just look at Greta Thunberg- I doubt that she'd be so famous if she hadn't been able to put her point accross in English.

Anyway, I'm currently running some online classes which I'd love to see you at. I also visit nurseries and schools to deliver classes and clubs up to the age of 12 (hopefully these will resume just as soon as lockdown is eased!) If there's anything that I can help with regarding language learning - special themed days, assemblies, private tuition or adult classes then please get in touch. If I can't help then I'm sure there'll be someone in our network of teachers who will be able to.


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A satisfied online customer

I hope that we can find a way to continue with lessons in the future as W loves your classes.

Thanks you very much.

C, mum of W.

Online Italian

We just had a taster 'Let's Move' Italian class online with Jenny. My 6 y/o loved it. It was the first ever Italian lesson for my little one and she picked up few words already. As a parent I also had a chance to brush up my rusty Italian language skills. Recommended! 

Alma L.

Loved the Italian!

Our 4year old twins were really shy at first but absolutely loved it and followed along. Would love for them to have italian lessons when we are all out of lockdown.

Mum of twins

French Christmas Day

Thank you so much for coming in today. The children absolutely loved it and were asking lots of questions about la galette and French Christmas meals. We also had to sing Vive le Vent many more times!

Think it’s so brilliant what you are doing at Lingotots and the enthusiasm you bring for learning languages at a young age. We will love to have you back soon!

LF - MFL coordinator at Downham Primary School

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