Richmond Lingotot Centre

Richmond Lingotot Centre


I am Jen and I run Lingotot Richmond, I am also a mummy to two lovely little girls, Liana 5 and Kloe 2.

I have always been passionate about languages, I was born and raised in the South of France, in a bilingual home, we spoke French and English at home. I moved to London 14 years ago.

I have studied Spanish and Italian in high school and I have always loved learning new languages, discovering new cultures and being able to communicate with people from different countries.  

I also have always loved working with children and chose to work as a nanny in London for many years. It has been a very enriching and rewarding experience.

 At Lingotot Richmond we provide French classes for children aged 0-11 years old. Our multi award winning amazing classes are interactives, friendly and are most importantly fun, learning is through songs, games, stories, crafts, drama. The lingotot programme has been specifically designed to present the languages in an interactive, communicative and innovative way.

All the session are conducted almost entirely in the target language and in our community classes, the parents learn alongside their children which can be a special bondind time. The whole family joins in the fun.

Joining Lingotot was the perfect career for me as I could combine my passion for languages and my love of working with children.

Being able to share my passion for languages with the children and see how they progress and learn is to me the most rewarding feeling.

I can't wait to start this journey with all my Lingotots...

Jen xx


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