Shropshire Lingotot Centre

Shropshire Lingotot Centre

Bonjour! Salut! Hola! Tchüss!  

My name is Jennie Barnett and I am excited to have been running the Lingotot classes in Shropshire since 1st August 2017!!

I love languages and have enjoyed using my French, German and Spanish skills for business and leisure throughout my life. I have also worked in a Primary school environment for the last 6 years and have always found myself wanting to enthuse the children to learn languages at every opportunity. I am thrilled that I can now do that with Lingotot! 

Apart from the fun of being able to communicate in a different language, learning languages gave me confidence from an early age to step out and 'have a go' and it has helped to positively shape who I am today. I am passionate about inspiring children to develop their language skills and self-esteem and I know that learning languages together with Lingotot is a fantastic place to start that journey!

In my first year, I have continued to run last year's classes as well as adding some extra classes and it's gone really well. In 2018-19, I am very much looking forward to introducing NEW French, Spanish and German classes in community venues, nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools across Shropshire... encouraging as many 'Lingotots' as possible (and their parents, carers and support staff!) to Love Languages for Life!

If you are looking to bring your child to a Lingotot community class near you or would love to have Lingotot sessions for your child at their nursery, pre-school or school, please email me at with details and I'll do my best to set something up!

I hope you've had a fabulous summer and look forward to meeting you at one of our classes very soon!  

A bientôt! Hasta pronto! Bis bald!

Jennie  :-)




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**FRENCH HOME EDUCATOR CLASS** @ Broseley - KS1 for 4-8+yrs - 10-10.50am MONDAYS

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