South Northumberland Lingotot Centre

South Northumberland Lingotot Centre


I’m Sarah and a mummy of Oakley (6), Elsie (5) and Jasper (6 months). I just love being a mummy although it’s soooo hard at times (independent and sassy 5 year old…girls eh πŸ™„) and I want to have as much time with them as possible. I started Lingotot South Northumberland in March 2020 (what a time to start!) as I really wanted to combine my lifelong dream of teaching languages whilst being able to see my children grow and develop as tiny humans πŸ’ž

I’m originally from a town in Lancashire bit I moved up here to the lovely North East in 2014 to commence my dream of studying French and Spanish at University. I spent 4 years at Northumbria University and it was amazing! I met so many lovely people πŸ˜ƒ

I had my first 2 children whilst at Uni and we spent my 3rd year in a beautiful city called Jaén in Southern Spain. It was difficult with a 20 month old and 10 week old but WOW…what an amazing experience is was!!

I graduated in 2018 and already knew that we were going to stay up here! The children were settled and not far off starting school and we just LOVE it! There’s so much to do and see and it just feels like home 🏑

Fast forward to now and I’m so excited to teaching all your little ones French and Spanish! It’s so amazing to start at a young age. Oakley was only 20 months old when we went to Spain. He was in a Spanish Nursery full time for the year and learnt so many Spanish words even though he wasn’t even speaking English at that point. At one point he knew more Spanish than English! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡«πŸ‡·

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