Southend-on-Sea Lingotot Centre

Southend-on-Sea Lingotot Centre

¡Hola! Bonjour! Welcome to Lingotot Southend-On-Sea!

My name is Kate, proud mummy of two gorgeous girls, Scarlet (9) and Genevieve (4), and I run Lingotot Southend-On-Sea.

Joining the Lingotot team 3 years ago was a huge career change for me, after working in the finance industry in London for so many years, but I absolutely love what I do now and I haven't looked back. Languages have always been my passion and, following the birth of my little Genevieve, I decided to completely change my career to combine this passion with offering more flexibility around my family. I’m thrilled to be able to help others to love languages as much as I do!

I was lucky enough to travel to France and Belgium quite a bit as a very young child and was exposed to all these new sounds and tastes and experiences, which I found very exciting! I also had Au Pairs from all over Europe whilst growing up and was fascinated when they would teach me how to count, the words to a song or tell me what I was eating in all their different languages. From a young age, I was thoroughly hooked and tried my best to perfect the accents!

I studied French, Spanish and German at school and then went on to study French and Spanish at degree level, and it’s wonderful for me to finally be able to put my linguistic skills to use whilst helping a new generation develop that same passion.

Children are better equipped to learn languages from very early on and this helps them to develop fantastic social skills, understand different cultures and to communicate with a lot more people. Our award-winning Lingotot classes are fun and interactive with songs, games, stories and crafts all designed to help children learn without them even realising they’re doing so! I honestly can’t wait to hear the children start using their language skills!

Please scroll down to find a list of all available classes and details of how to book. Don’t forget to keep up to date with everything we’re doing on Facebook and Instagram by following Lingotot Southend and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions at all!

¡Hasta luego! À bientôt!

Kate x



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ABC Rainbow Day Nursery - Rayleigh

Kate has been coming to ABC Rainbow and teaching Spanish to our babies, Toddler's and Pre-school children since about October 2018. Kate is brilliant at what she does and has fun and exciting topics each week, she also has lots of interactive bits to do with the children including singing songs with musical instruments, props and uses a parachute. Kate is enthusiastic with all three ages of children and is able to adapt to the children's individual needs. Kate rewards children with stickers each week, which they love. Parents have commented how well their children are doing, and staff love it too!

Emily Smith

We thoroughly enjoy our Spanish Lingotots class!

Me and my 10month old thoroughly enjoy our Spanish lingotots class. Kate is lovely and so attentive and knowledgeable. Always adapts the lessons depending on how the kids are that day! Looking forward to next term.

Harriet Brown

Take your little ones early - it's their time to shine!

I bought my daughter Amélie along to Kate's class when she was 4 months old as my Husband speaks only French to her and I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss out on. The classes are full on fun, so busy with non stop games & activities totally suited to all age ranges. Amélie was totally intrigued for the whole time we were there and fully focused (not to forget, totally in love with Kate!) Many people think that learning languages from birth is too young but honestly, take your little ones early - it's their time to shine!!! I couldn't believe the week on week development of the slightly older children in our weekly French classes. We hope to return in the future as my maternity has now ended but please get along and try it out for yourselves; you absolutely won't regret it.

Sam Watson

One of the best classes we've been to since moving to Essex

We have been going to lingotots for over two years now. It has consistently been one of the best classes we have been to since moving to Essex.


William loves 'bonjour' as he calls it and enjoys learning new words each week, singing songs and completing the fun crafts. He's going to school now otherwise we would still be attending. In fact we are both very sad at not being able to go.


I've been to quite a few different classes and Kate is amazing. She's so welcoming and friendly. The kids love her. William isn't the most confident of kids but he always shows her his craft proudly.


I wish I had paid more attention to languages at school. They are so beneficial for children and the earlier they start the more they can absorb.


Plus it's great value for money!

Rhiannon Beneteau

Highly recommend!

My four year old has been doing Spanish classes with Kate for the past couple of months and has really enjoyed them. He had some Spanish so it has been a great refresher and way to keep the language in his mind. He loves the positive feedback he gets and the songs are his favourite. Kate is a very engaging teacher for young kids, who are the hardest audience to engage online by far! Highly recommend!

Laura Gualtieri

Bringing some normality and fun during a very strange time!

Kate has been teaching my son, Henry, Spanish at his nursery setting since he was a baby (he's now four) and her classes have always been the highlight of his week. She is kind, funny and patient and teaches classes in an engaging way that means he retains the information long after he's come home - surprising us with Spanish words and songs in our every day life (and impressing grandparents at a young age with his Spanish Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!).

We've always appreciated Kate and the education through fun that she brought to Henry's life but in lockdown this has gone to the next level. With life upside down and our son not sure when he'll be back at nursery and seeing his friends again (or even if he will before he starts Reception now) Kate has been running Zoom Spanish classes for her students. These are as engaging as her usual classes, and watching Henry enthralled singing and dancing and learning words around themed topics (and also giddy at seeing his nursery friends taking part too) is as much a joyful experience for us as parents as it is for him taking part. It's been a tough few months for him adjusting to these unprecedented changes and these Friday morning sessions (often with an improvised themed costume - both for Kate and the children!) make his week. Frankly as a boy who can have the attention span of a gnat, he sits focused and enjoying the class for the full half hour and is always sad to say adios at the end.

There are always teachers that children and their parents remember and we will remember Kate for bringing some normality and fun (as well as formal learning in an engaging and memorable fashion!) during a very strange time!


Narin Flanders

The children really enjoy French now

Kate always makes the lessons engaging for children starting with a quiz in order to recap previous
learning and techniques to help the children retain their French knowledge. She has a great
relationship with the children; learning their names and their abilities quickly. I always enjoy sitting
and listening to her teaching and I have learnt so much myself to benefit my own language
teaching. The children really enjoy French now; I hope we can keep her for many years to come!

Mrs. Micek, MFL lead - Great Wakering Primary Academy

A fantastic addition to our school

Kate has been a fantastic addition to our school; our children have found a new passion for learning
languages since she has started.
She engages the children through songs and role play and all children are confident to speak new
phrases and words due to her encouragement and guidance.
Kate is a reliable and committed languages teacher who understands how to engage children and
move their learning on. She works well alongside our languages subject lead to be sure to meet the
needs of our children.

Mrs. Burdett, Head of School - Great Wakering Primary Academy

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