Swindon Lingotot Centre

Swindon Lingotot Centre

Unfortunately 'Lingotot Swindon' is currently no longer open. To find out if there are any classes near by or if you are interested in become a franchisee for the Swindon area, please contact head office at 'info@lingotot.com' or you call on: 0845 680 8148

Lingotot lessons are very fun and interactive sessions, full of songs, games, stories and crafts, all of which is conducted in the 'Target Language' 

Sessions can be held in nurseries, primary schools for KS1 & KS2, after school clubs and community classes in the Swindon area. Classes are suitable for kids between the ages 0 -11 year old.


Contact Swindon

Tel: 0845 680 8148
Email: swindon@lingotot.com

Current Classes