Thanet Lingotot Centre

Thanet Lingotot Centre

Hola! Hello!

My name is Georgina, and along with my tutor Natalye, we will be bringing Spanish Lessons to Thanet very soon. 

I am a mum to a one year old girl, (two dogs and a cat also).  This is really the reason I have decided to start this venture. 

I was looking for a language based community class to take my daughter to, but couldn't find anything in the area, so decided to do it myself. 

Although not an expert linguist myself (I do speak some Spanish, but for teaching I have a wonderful tutor to run the classes),  I do know the importance of language.  My Husband went to school in Spain as a child, and is bilingual, I also have bilingual relatives, and see the benefits for both them and their children. 

I come from a Veterinary Nursing background, which may seem quite a jump, but I love working with the public, getting to know people and their stories.  Which I hope to do with Lingotot Thanet.  I will be at the community class alongside our tutor Natalye, as I will be bringing my daughter to join in. 

Our community classes are aimed at ages 0-11 years, they will be full of songs, stories and play, a great way for little ones to learn.  We also offer classes in nurseries and primary schools. 

I think it is such a shame that we generally do not offer languages until secondary school, and it is my mission to provide it to Thanet much sooner. 

So do watch this space for upcoming lessons and we look forward to meeting you all very soon .

Hasta Luego!



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