West Colchester Lingotot Centre

West Colchester Lingotot Centre

I'm over the moon to be bringing Lingotot languages to the families of West Colchester. Babies and children of all ages will love our fun and friendly French and Spanish classes, and i'm sure their grown ups will too!

As you may have guessed, I am extremely enthusiastic about learning languages!  But I didn't start that early myself, only having the opportunity to start French and Spanish at age 12.  It was love from the start, and I enjoyed mostly brilliant teaching which helped me along the way, and made me realise that I wanted to be a languages teacher in the future.

When I had my third baby last year, I wanted to find a job that would allow me to fit my work around family life.  I found a perfect match in Lingotot, especially as I also happen to love singing and playing piano!  I signed my baby boy up for our nearest class age 4 months and, to my amazement, he was fascinated by the songs and listened avidly to the stories.  Even though he couldn't participate in the craft, he loved to watch the older children absorbed in their activity and also enjoyed having a play with some French books and toys.

Some people may think it unusual to take a baby to a languages class...  but really, it's the best time to start!  Children are ready to absorb all the new sounds surrounding them, and are hard-wired to listen, watch and communicate.  In addition to the benefits for our little people, mums, dads, nannies, grandads and all the caregivers have the opportunity to re-visit the language they learnt at school, or indeed to learn a brand new language.  In my classes you can expect to hear a lot of "target language" (French/ Spanish) but don't worry, I will always ensure you understand.  Come along and give it a try!


  • From parents

Classes are always upbeat and everyone gets involved

I am really enjoying learning to speak french with Steph. Her classes are always upbeat and everyone gets involved. I had a previously taken a beginners French at the  adult college but found it very dry with long lists of verbs to learn. Steph's zoom class has a much better flow with the class chatting in break-out rooms, role play and translating news articles. Everything we learn feels relevant and usable.

Jane B

A beautiful accent

Just had to tell you- F just came out with Feliz cumpleaños, fiesta, globo, vela and mago in a beautiful accent.

Laura R

Your help has boosted my confidence

Since joining your lessons, I feel I have progressed more in three terms with you than I ever did with the adult college. I know more words and how to pronounce them properly.  I can converse with native French speakers. Your help has boosted my confidence.

James C

Somehow grammar and vocabulary are included too

Steph’s French classes are very relaxed and enjoyable. Steph focuses on French conversation and speech, although somehow grammar and vocabulary are included too. I am always surprised by how much I learn and the progress on French speaking and listening that I make each time. I really recommend this class to anyone in the midst of the struggle to be able to speak French in a clear and meaningful way.

Paul C

A thoroughly enjoyable experience

Steph makes learning French a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me, and has a knack of always teaching at a pace that keeps me interested.
Previously I found learning the language to entail a lot of studying and trying to remember, but the best thing I found since starting classes with Steph is that learning is fun.

John R

Brilliant for all children to do!

‘I love Lingotot classes because I have such a great teacher and she is really nice, I love my teacher! The lessons are good and fun and it keeps you on track with learning your French. Lingotot is so nice and brilliant for all children to do!’

Florence, aged 4


They are learning without even realising it!

I highly recommend Lingotot West Colchester! My 4 year old twins Mark and Lillian have been spending their Friday morning lockdown learning French with Stephanie They are really enjoying the classes as Stephanie make them so fun and entertaining! Lillian talks about seeing a papillon in the garden while Mark loves tete epaule genoux pieds! Stephanie has such a lovely way with the children that they are learning without even realising it! Stephanie has kept us sane every Friday during lockdown! 


Steph’s wonderful French classes

Both my daughters (5 months and 3 years) attend Steph’s wonderful French classes. My youngest attends a baby class specific for under 3’s, and my eldest attends the child 3-7 class. Both classes are tailored to their specific age, which is great as it maximises learning for their different stages. My 3 year old in particular really loves her class, and has gone from not knowing any words in French to using the language in her everyday life, purely because of these wonderful classes and Steph’s teaching techniques. I would highly recommend Steph’s class for children of all ages, and want to thank her for getting my child so enthused about the French language!


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