West Manchester Lingotot Centre

West Manchester Lingotot Centre


My name is Vicky and I am very fortunate to be the owner and tutor at Lingotot in West Manchester.

I grew up enjoying family camping holidays in Europe and loved learning languages once I got to secondary school. I studied languages and became a secondary languages teacher, where for 20 years,I loved seeing teenagers enjoy languages and make great progress.

Once I had my own children, I began to look for a way to help younger children engage in languages. My own children would easily pick up new words and young children embrace new vocabulary so easily.

Then Lingotot crossed my path! I am so lucky to have a job which is so enjoyable. I now teach French and Spanish to children in and around the area and am looking into starting a German class too.

Lingotot offers really fun and interactive classes for children in schools,nurseries and within the community. Classes are taught through songs, games and stories. Our community classes are great fun and parents also enjoy the opportunity to learn / revise their own languages.  Most importantly, the children learn whilst having fun and the grown ups benefit too! Contact us for more information on French for kids or Spanish for kids in your area.

Babies and young children are phenomenal linguists.They are literally sponges. Take a look at this information from our Lingotot blog.



We offer free taster sessions,so please do come along and give it a try!


You can learn more about my classes by listening to my interview on Salford City Radio "Baby Diaries"



We also deliver PPA cover lessons to primary schools as well as after school and lunchtime clubs. 

Here is a recent blog from St Andrews Methodist School, in Little Hulton after a World Book a day visit from Lingotot 







  • From nurseries
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He loves his sessions with Lingotot

Jenson loves his sessions with you. Thanks for all the work you do with them. Xx

Paige, mummy to Jenson aged 1

Nancy loves your classes

Nancys sad she missed her last session! She loves your classes. She’s currently practicing her hola and adios in Spain xxx

Bethany, mummy to Nancy aged 3

The Cottage Nursery - " Such a great session! "

"Well today was our first Lingotot French lesson, this week it was our two oldest groups that took part! I can't believe how well the children did, they joined in with all the actions and words and sat beautifully throughout the whole 30 minute session.

A big thank you to Vicky who delivered such a great session."

Louise Wakefield -Manager

The Cottage Nursery - parent

They look like they're having such a great time.

Katie Hughes - Parent

"A great company"

" We are so proud to be working with such a great company"

The Stables Day Nursery

"Enjoyable and engaging"

I would like to say a big thank you to Vicky for making the sessions enjoyable and engaging for all the children, the children have been speaking some Spanish words at home to their parents

Jenny, Nursery Manager, KidzRus Irlam

"Lovely rapport"

Vicky has a lovely rapport with the children.

Jenny, Nursery Manager, KidzRus Irlam

Madison really enjoyed her class

Madison really enjoyed her class this morning and I would recommend this class to all. If you have children aged 0-4 and they love singing and having fun,then this is fantastic!

Marie, mum to Madison, aged 3

She has really picked it up!

Lilyana has been doing great with her French. It's amazing how much she has really picked up - especially when you think children aren't listening. She reallyhas been listening! She says and knows 7 French words regularly and that's all fromthat session you did on clothes.

Sue, Mum to Lilyana, aged 3

Well paced and well prepared

Pippa has enjoyed the sessions and has picked it up well. Classes have been paced well and always well prepared.

Jenny,mum to Pippa aged 14 months

We highly recommend it!


"I've been taking my son to French classes with Vicky since September last year, when he was 21mths old. He's now 2yrs 3mths and he can sing along to most of the songs, count to 10 better in French than English and has so much fun at each session! His vocabulary has really come on too, in both English and French. Vicky is a wonderfully patient teacher too. We highly recommend it!

Zoe, mum to Rowan aged 23 months

Fun and interesting

Vicky has made the classes fun and interesting for the children

Linda, grandma to Maddie, aged 2

Counting in Spanish

Just had to tell you this, collected the boys from nursery today and they said the had been sitting in a circle counting. Finlay stood up and counted to 20 in English.  On James's turn he announced he would be counting in Spanish and he did!

Lisa, mum to twins, Finlay and James, aged 3

He's been singing " The wheels on the bus" in French tonight

He’s been singing the wheels on the bus in French tonight!!! We both just stopped what we did and watched as he sang it whilst painting his train. He even stopped painting to do the door actions.  He then made us sing it too.

Rachael, mum to Henry,aged 2

A nice variety of songs, stories and crafts. She absolutely loves it!

My 14 month old daughter has been attending Lingotots Spanish classes for several terms now and she absolutely loves it. It's a really friendly class run by the lovely Vicky, with a nice variety of songs, stories and crafts. Plus it helps me brush up on my Spanish too!

Laura, mum to Betty, aged 14 months

One of the best classes I have been to

I wanted to say how much we’d enjoyed the classes. I’ve probably tried most 

types of toddler groups over the years with Alex and Chloe and this is one of 

the best I’ve been to! I wish I’d been able to start Chloe at the classes at a younger age. 

Caroline,mum to Chloe aged 3

A highlight of the week for the whole family

We have two (1y and 3y) boys who are both full of energy and eagerness to learn new things. 

They have really taken to the Spanish lessons and, especially, enjoy singing. 

That said, the oldest has managed to learn to count to 10 and say other words, despite not

 being the most patient of pupils. Vicky has been excellent at engaging the boys when

 needed and letting them run aroundwhen it is clear that they need to burn off some energy. 

Spanish lessons have now become a highlight of the week for the whole family and is 

something we look forward to.

We are now thinking of trying French classes to give the little ones (and the parents)

 a taste for something different. Thank you Vicky!

Dace, mum to Oliver aged 3 and Oscar aged 1

He has loved his time this term at Lingotots

Cian has loved his time this term at Lingotots, he's been so enthusiastic about learning new vocab and trying to teach his younger brothers everything he has learnt.

Jen, mum of Cian aged 6

Milly loves them!

Hi Vicky x thanks so much!
Your lessons brighten up our homeschooling!! Milly loves them x
Thanks again xxxxx

V Armstrong

I’ve noticed a big improvement

Thanks for this morning’s session! In the 4/5 weeks we’ve been joining you I’ve noticed a big improvement in the amount of words Robyn is now attempting to say. She had a go at all the colours and most of the family members today and was really pleased with herself when I praised her! 😊

E Belcher

“I love doing French with you!”

Thank you Vicky!

I'm always amazed at how Megan can fidget away and chatter throughout the class, but is still soaking up the vocab.

She's given me the following review to pass on;

"I love doing French with you in the morning. Kiss kiss, Megan Isabelle Rae"

S Rae

« Fast paced, interactive and enjoyable »

The sessions ran by Lingotot on our whole school European Day were fun, fast paced, interactive and educational. The children all enjoyed the activities and games planned and there was a great mix of spoken and written activities. The children learnt a lot in a small space of time. I would use and recommend Vicky again.

Mrs Whitaker, MFL lead, St Andrew’s C of E. Primary, Boothstown

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