Family Mandarin Learning @Glencorse Centre

Come and have great fun learning with your child(ren) in our super-friendly Saturday morning class... suitable for all ages o+

Part 1 of these family-learning sessions introduces a new vocabulary topic and is packed with songs, instruments, games and a story! Colourful, lively and interactive, with just enough English and plenty actions to ensure understanding.

Part 2 includes a craft activity linked to the day's theme, bilingual books/toys and a snack and drink for children, while parents/carers enjoy a well-earned cuppa themselves!

There is ample free parking at the centre.

Sibling/childminder discounts available - for info, please  email

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Edinburgh South Lingotot Centre - About us


Glencorse Centre, 4 Firth Road, Auchendinny, Penicuik, EH26 0QZ

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