Italian Little Lingotot age 0-8 Online

3 weeks block booking.

Price is per family (not per child).

We use the internationally-recognised and award-winning Lingotot methodology in our online classes. We’ve adapted our programme to teaching online with a variety of songs, videos, games, stories, interactive activities.

This is the continuation of 'All about me'.

We will be learning language under the topics:



My Face

My Body


Weekly classes are 30 minutes long.

A Presto!


**To safeguard all learners you will be emailed the URL and password to join the class each week 30 minutes before the lesson at the latest. You will not be able to join the class if you book less the 30 minutes before the class.

**You must accept photo and video consent to take part as we will require you to have your video switched on at all times during the lesson.

**We require a parent or carer to remain close by during the lesson 

**We recommend a comfortable area for the pupil to take part in written activities during the lesson 

**Only the tutor will be allowed to screen share, annotate or use virtual backgrounds. 

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