Language learning through storytelling, drama and performance

At LingoStars drama clubs, our older Lingotots learn through drama, movement, music, play and performance - all in another language!

Each programme centres on a well-known children’s story and children work towards an end of term performance including acting and songs. Even the most timid of children can blossom in confidence working in small groups towards their big performance.

LingoStars is available in French, Spanish, German, English, Italian, Arabic, Welsh and Mandarin Chinese both as after school sessions in schools and community clubs.

Learning a new language through drama...

  • Immerses the children fully into their new language
  • Helps develop communication skills in their own language Builds confidence
  • Encourages children to cooperate
  • Supports numeracy skills
  • Helps children to understand the world around them Develops emotional intelligence
  • Assists physical development
  • Develops creativity

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