Celebrate the Year of the Dog with Lingotot

Posted: Thu, Feb 8, 2018 11:03 PM

Introducing Lynn Li from Lingotot North Sheffield

Where in China did you grow up?

I grow up in a city called Changsha. It's in South China. It is a relatively small city in China with a population of 7 million.

How did you celebrate Chinese New Year as a child?

We always had a month school holiday around CNY time. The whole extended family will get together to celebrate CNY. We would make lots traditional Chinese food such as Jiao Zi (dumpling). On new year's eve, the whole family would have dinner and watch TV together and wait until midnight. We would also set lots of fireworks. One of the best part of CNY for kids is Hong Bao (red envelope). Parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties would put some money in a red envelope and give to kids. 

What does the event mean to you?

CNY is like Christmas to me. It's a time family get together.

How do you intend to celebrate now you're in the UK?

I always make lots of Chinese food and invite friends over to celebrate together. I also video call every number of my family in China to wish them happy new year. In Sheffield, there would be Chinese Lion Dance show in the city centre on CNY. I would go to see that as well.

Do you have any interesting details to share about Chinese New Year?

The date for CNY changes each year because it is based on lunar calendar. Not only China, but countries around east and southeast Asia celebrate CNY. CNY festival is not only one day, it's 16 days celebration, from CNY's eve to Lanten festival.

Lynn wishes you a very Happy New Year!

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