Children ill-prepared for school as they no longer learn nursery rhymes

Posted: Tue, Nov 7, 2017 5:59 PM

Parents are being warned that their children are no longer learning nursery rhymes leaving them ill-prepared for school.

Ofsted’s chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, says children are not memorising nursery rhymes any more and instead they are playing iPad games from a very young age.

Those who have memorised nursery rhymes by four years old are better at adapting to school, she claims.

Ms Spielman adds, “It’s a great shame. I imagine most of you could recite The Grand Old Duke Of York. But we can’t say this is the case for children today.

“Humpty Dumpty may seem old-fashioned, but children who can sing a song and know a story off by heart aged four are better prepared for school.

“Nursery rhymes provide a collective experience, and teach a little bit of social history to boot.”

Founder of children’s language business Lingotot certainly agrees! 

“At Lingotot we place great importance on using nursery rhymes in every single preschool session we teach. 

“Nursery rhymes are linguistically rich no matter which language the child is learning. And by learning nursery rhymes from another country they are learning more about the culture too.”

Lingotot provides classes in French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Mandarin to over 12,000 children each week to develop a love for learning a foreign language.  The award winning classes have been designed to engage children as young as a few weeks with age appropriate songs, actions, vocabulary and of course nursery rhymes!

Lingotot invites you to join in some foreign language nursery rhymes on their YouTube channel at or you can try a Lingotot class for free. Simply click on "book your free trial" and your little one will be saying nursery rhymes in a second language before you know it!