Franchise Focus: Lingotot South Huddersfield

Posted: Wed, Mar 29, 2023 1:41 PM

In 2023 we are highlighting the work of some of our wonderful franchisees! Our March #FranchiseFocus is Leanne Brown from #LingototSouthHuddersfield  

A little bit about Leanne…

Leanne runs her business while juggling family life with her two young sons. She is a fully qualified teacher and was working as Head of Languages in a secondary school for a number of years before leaving to start her own Lingotot business. Leanne speaks French and Spanish.

Leanne didn’t realise that when she joined Lingotot she would become a Zoo Keeper! 
One of Leanne’s favourite stories from class is the zoo keeper story! She was teaching the children zoo animals and the children wanted to do things a little differently! So instead of teaching the animal names in our usual way (which is a lot of fun - promise!) at the request of the children, they were shouting out the Spanish words and Leanne’s job was to run around and chase them! Upon capture she popped them all in an imaginary cage. Life is never dull at a Lingotot class!

Leanne LOVES working with families!
After working as a secondary school languages teacher for many years, Leanne is thoroughly enjoying working with younger children and really loves her pre-school classes. She enjoys teaching the Lingotot Method and getting to know all of the families really well. One of her favourite thing is how much parents enjoy the sessions, learning a new language together with their child AND how impressed they are with the progress their children make.

She says, “Parents love the fact that the children are using the language so naturally at home because that’s how we teach it. It just becomes part of their normal everyday language and the parents love that.”

Leanne’s average day…
Well, that’s a bit of a trick as there isn’t one! Leanne says her days vary a lot! She might go into nursery in the morning, or perhaps teach a community class, then pop home for some lunch before spending some time on admin. After that she might teach an after school club for an hour before returning home to be mum. She admits she sometimes has a cheeky day at home! (Lingotot says: We don’t see anything wrong with that Leanne, it’s one of the reasons you joined Lingotot!)

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