Lingotot shocked by recent survey that found millions of pupils had no access to language education during lockdown

Posted: Fri, Jul 9, 2021 1:12 PM

In a recent survey carried out by the British Council it was found that more than half of primary learners and 40% of secondary learners had no language education of any sort during lockdown in England.  

Although languages have been part of the national curriculum for primary learners since 2014, this survey has illuminated a prominent issue that deems languages as less important than other subjects. 

If languages are not taught, and most importantly enjoyed, at a younger age then the likelihood of continuation to GCSE and beyond hugely decreases. Without this, millions of children will miss out on all of the incredible opportunities that languages create later in life. 

For education businesses like Lingotot, this news has been greatly upsetting. They have been providing their award-winning classes to children aged 0-11 in nurseries, schools and communities across the UK since 2010. Their language classes are accredited by NCFE CACHE, an OfQual regulated awarding body, and follow the English curriculum. Not only this, they moved all of their lessons online during lockdown so that language education could safely continue, so for them this report has proved beyond disappointing. 

Angela Sterling, founder and CEO of Lingotot, says ‘as a business we have been tackling this issue since our foundation. The most frustrating thing about these findings is that we have the answer to the problem, the message is just not being heard. As an accredited organisation that provides interactive language classes fully aligned with the school curriculum, we see no excuse for language education to be this poor. Hopefully this survey is a much needed wake up call and we see language education set as a priority in our increasingly global society.’ 

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