Lingotot South Birmingham Brings French Classes to Tokyo!

Posted: Wed, Dec 9, 2020 12:03 PM

Lingotot South Birmingham, founded by Katherine Aguirre, have been teaching an amazing little lingotot from Japan! Rio lives in Tokyo and has been joining Katherine’s French classes from his home there since September. Rio’s mother, Risa, connected with Katherine through an online bilingual parent support group and luckily the time difference meant Rio could join in with Katherine’s morning classes after school.

Katherine herself grew up fascinated by languages and the global connectivity they promote. After studying French and Spanish at university she discovered the power language has for opening doors into other communities and cultures. She brought her son up speaking English and Spanish, and by two he could understand both perfectly. With her son as inspiration, Katherine was invested in language learning for children. 

With Katherine’s passion and enthusiasm behind Lingotot South Birmingham, and Rio and Risa’s enjoyment of the online french classes, it’s a language learning match made in heaven. Rio even had the opportunity to see some projections of Paris at the Tokyo Tower last month! 

Rio’s mum, Risa, had this to say ‘my son and I are having so much fun learning French from our house here in Tokyo. As a full-time working mother aiming to raise a multilingual child, finding a good language school was a huge challenge, especially in Japan. One day, I found Katherine from Lingotot South Birmingham and all of our problems were solved! We are really looking forward to having more adventures with our global friends - merci beaucoup!’ 

Are you inspired by Risa’s efforts to introduce Rio to multi-language learning? You can contact Katherine via or call on 0845 680 8148.