Lingotot to Host a Cost Free Online Christmas Festival

Posted: Thu, Nov 19, 2020 2:41 PM

Following the success of their European Day of Languages Festival, Lingotot are to host a second cost free online festival. You can join them on Thursday 10th December for a Christmas themed day of live classes in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin and Welsh.

There is no exclusivity when it comes to next month's event. As with the European Day of Languages Festival which saw nurseries, schools, home educators and preschoolers join, the Christmas Festival encourages everyone to sign up.

Lingotot first started in 2010, offering French lessons to children in the North-East of England. It is a wonder to see them now running on a multinational level providing classes in eight different languages. Their work has not been deterred by the COVID-19 pandemic as they still continue to bring a love of languages into homes and schools across the UK. The Christmas Online Festival not only bolsters this objective, but also provides some much needed Christmas spirit.

The Online Christmas Festival will predominantly involve live Christmas themed language lessons, a focus on the culture of each country and how they celebrate Christmas, and how to sing Christmas songs in each target language. There will also be some karaoke, storytelling and Christmas crafts to top it all off!

This event is set to be not only great fun, but a unique and exciting way for kids to experience the magic and joy of learning about another language and culture. There is no language experience required (for kids or adults), just a fantastic educational and festive opportunity.

Lingotot’s founder and CEO, Angela Sterling, said ‘we were overwhelmed with the positive reaction from schools and parents to our European Day of Languages Festival that it was a no-brainer deciding to run a second online festival. We want to provide a day of fun and learning for kids and parents, but also to assist schools in providing compulsory second language education. We cannot wait for the 10th December and look forward to spreading some Christmas joy!’

If this sounds like an opportunity not to miss to you, you can sign up for Lingotot’s Online Christmas Festival cost free via this link


  • Alison Currie

    Thu, Nov 26, 2020 10:18 AM

    Hi, I'm a primary teacher and would like to participate in your free Christmas event on 10th December but I can't see where or how to sign up? Sorry to bother you with something so simple. Please could you get back to me on Thanks, Alison
    • Jaclyn Townshend

      Hi Alison, Please register via this website: - we will also email it to over to you Thanks & see you online!