Meet Melissa, the founder of Lingotot Pembroke

Posted: Mon, Feb 15, 2021 2:46 PM

We get to know a little bit more about Melissa, the recent founder of Lingotot Pembroke, her background and why she decided to set up an education franchise in her local area.


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Melissa, I am 27 years old, and I am originally from Paris. French is my mother tongue, but I am lucky enough to be fluent in Spanish too as I have Paraguayan origins from my mother’s side. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment and was immersed in languages from a very young age. I really look forward to helping children learn these languages too. 

I have lived in Dublin for 2 years and have had great job opportunities in the Tourism, Sales and Customer Relation Services sectors, but was recently looking for a change in career so here I am! I honestly believe that the best way to learn a new language effectively is to do so as early in life as possible. One of my biggest passions is personal development. I love seeing people succeed - it is something that drives me each day - and that is the reason why I decided to join the Lingotot family. I believe that we can help kids have a better future by providing them with valuable life skills and knowledge of other cultures. 


How did you come across Lingotot?

With the current situation, I wanted to start a new project and have a new purpose in my life. I wanted to be useful to society and help people. Freedom, creativity and the ability to think on my own were decisive factors. So, being an entrepreneur was the best option. I was searching for an emerging sector of activity and wanted to link it to one of my biggest strengths and passions: foreign languages. I also thought about our little ones - children are the future and they deserve high quality education.

I wanted to become my own boss but originally from France, I didn’t want to be on my own in this Irish adventure. When I came across Lingotot, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity. The appearance of Lingotot and their high quality classes greatly appealed to me, and the fact that they provide huge support both educationally and administratively.

As a woman, I also wanted to support female leadership and boldness, so the best example I could give was to dare quitting my full time job, take the plunge and set up my own business.


 Why did you decide to choose Lingotot? 

I was searching for an emerging sector of activity and came across Lingotot. It made me realise I had strong skills in languages, so I filled out the online enquiry form out of curiosity. Sofia, director of Lingotot Ireland, was very reactive and we quickly engaged a conversation. She was very nice and helpful. I could hear in her voice that she loved her job. At this moment, something inside of me just clicked. Then, things happened naturally and I understood I was on the right path.

Lingotot has a huge experience of teaching languages to children, they are native speakers and consistently provide excellent education.  They provide multi award winning language classes resulting in stimulated, happy and healthy children. At Lingotot, learning a second language is through plays, songs and stories. I love their image, their high-quality classes and above all, the fun they have from managing their business. They all are smiling and I really felt at ease with this family. I could not choose better!


How will your work life balance improve by running a Lingotot franchise?

By managing my own business, I will be able to express my personality and creativity. I will have more time to develop myself, learn other things and improve my skills. I love neurosciences so it will allow me to have more time to explore this domain. I know that working with children won’t be an easy task everyday and that I will need patience but I am really convinced that they are a big source of positive energy and they have so many capabilities. I will help them in many things but I will also learn a lot from them. By running a Lingotot Franchise, I will be responsible and motivated all the time. By allowing me to have free time to dedicate to my other passions, this will be the perfect balance for my happiness. 


What are you most looking forward to about running a Lingotot franchise?

What I am most looking forward to is meeting new people, helping children to reveal their potential and most importantly, my joy will be to impart knowledge to the little ones.

During my childhood, I was very frustrated that the education system in France didn’t take into account the personality of children, their differences. Throughout the course of life, each individual has his own method of learning, of memorizing, of reading and I really want to support children to extend and refine their knowledge of themselves. I want to be part of the Lingotot family, share knowledge and learn from the franchises’ experiences to build, bit by bit the success of Lingotot Pembroke.


If you want to find out more about Lingotot Pembroke, you can email them on or visit their page here