National Language School Ready for New Education Changes

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2019 8:35 AM

Last year the government announced plans to review the Early Learning Goals. The Department for Education launched a pilot of their new Early Learning Goals for children aged 0-5. They said that the measures were aimed at closing the ‘word gap’ between disadvantaged children and their peers, to help children who start school struggling with language and social skills.

Twenty five pilot schools gave feedback in the last academic year. The DfE said that schools were invited to take part in the pilot based on a range of criteria, including size, Ofsted rating, and Free School Meal eligibility. Those that expressed interest were chosen to ensure a good balance in the pilot.

During this pilot period, Lingotot has also been working on introducing the new ELGs into our language programmes and we are delighted to announce that our classes are fully compliant with the revised Early Learning Goals.

In addition to the pilot scheme, there was also a consultation with a coalition of 12 early years sector membership organisations. It was made up of a literature review to test any changes to the EYFS against available evidence, and a survey of 3,000 practitioners.

This review suggests there is no ‘substantiated case’ for the EYFS to be ‘significantly’ changed, while the survey found widespread support for the current framework.

However, the following improvements have been recommended:

  • Recognising the central importance of the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning: playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically (all of which happen at every single Lingotot session). 
  • Emphasising the importance of communication and language skills as a basis for literacy, and in turn the importance of literacy in children’s long-term attainment and social and cultural life (just what Lingotot is all about!)
  • Acknowledging the premise that all areas of learning are interconnected, demonstrating the holistic nature of young children’s development. (Lingotot classes are interactive and take a multi-sensory language learning approach).

What does this mean for EYFS practitioners and Lingotot classes moving forward? 

Angela Sterling, Founder and CEO of Lingotot says, “It is clear that change is needed. Whether those changes are great or small, it is clear that they focus on excellent teaching & learning, communication and taking a holistic approach to learning.”


She continues, “These are all things that we live and breathe here at Lingotot. The takeaway? No matter what happens, we’ve got you covered!”