A Multilingual Christmas Treat!

Posted: Tue, Dec 12, 2017 12:29 PM

Children from Delves Lane Primary School in Consett, County Durham, have wowed parents in a school assembly by performing a collection of Christmas songs in not one, but five different languages! 

The children, aged between 5 and 7, have attended a weekly after school club run by Lingotot, for just 10 weeks! 

Rachel Prior, Lingotot Tutor, says: “I am incredibly proud of my Lingotots! Singing forms a key part of our classes as we know that young children learn a huge amount through song and interactive actions, but to sing in five different languages, in-front of their parents and school, is quite an achievement!”

Lingotot teach multi-award-winning languages programmes which are delivered through community groups, nursery school classes, MFL PPA teaching in primary schools and after schools clubs throughout the UK. 

Rachel continues: “Four of the children who attend this after school club are Polish, with English being their second language and I think that in itself is a huge achievement. Young children are like sponges when it comes to learning a language which is how our little singing stars were so confident to sing in so many languages. I really am very proud!”

Watching her pupils sing to their parents was a special moment for Headteacher, Mrs Woods, too. She says: “I am delighted that our Year 1 and 2 children had the opportunity to perform these songs to our school and their parents. What a treat it was to watch them up on stage, so full of confidence, and in an absolutely amazing five languages! I am very proud of all their hard work and delighted to be able to work with Lingotot and give our children these fantastic opportunities.”