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My name is Caroline and I'm married with 2 sons aged 14 and 13. 

I taught for 20 years in Hertfordshire schools and was MFL lead in both primary schools. During last summer term, I decided that I wanted to launch my own children’s language business in a bid to engage youngsters in the joy of learning a foreign language at a much earlier age. As a mum to my two sons, I would play French and Spanish nursery rhymes in the car and wished there was a community class which incorporated the social, fun and learning environment whilst learning a language. Fast forward 13-14 years and I now have a very keen 14 year old linguist and a not so keen 12 year old; he loves history and Minecraft!

I love travelling and I enjoy exploring the culture of countries around the world. One of my earliest memories was learning to swim in the South of France whilst caravanning with my family and my most recent travelling memory is that of visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico.

I loved learning languages at school and studied both French and German at A-Level and then continued my language learning journey by studying Modern Languages and Literature (French and German) at Manchester Metropolitan University. In my 3rd year, I enjoyed studying in Heidelberg for the winter and Nantes for the summer semester. Having the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are studying is so important and as a teacher I would always explore learning about cultures in our language lessons and across the curriculum.

I understand the importance of learning a language as early as possible to make it second nature to the child. I have taught French in KS2 but I believe it’s imperative to start learning a language at a much earlier age. Having said that, I am really enjoying learning my 3rd language: Spanish which I started learning in January 2024. 

Lingotot caters for language learners from 0-11 and the lessons are fully interactive and include games, songs, crafts and stories. Lingotot Aylesbury will be offering a range of classes including community classes for babies and parents, pre school and nursery French lessons, MFL PPA, after school and lunch clubs: Lingochoir and Lingodrama.

If you’re interested in attending any of these sessions for you, your family members, or your educational setting, please do get in touch at for more information.

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