My name is Snayra and I operate Lingotot Crouch End, in London. I offer Spanish, Italian and French classes in Crouch End itself, as well as in Stroud Green, Islington and Hampstead. 

I was born in Medellín, Colombia where I graduated as a Sociologist and moved to London after marrying my English husband back in 2010. We are now the proud parents of two beautiful children, Lucas and Nova.

As a Sociologist, I used to work with various communities in vulnerable areas of Medellín helping them with their social issues and being the mediator between them and the local authority. I also worked in different regions in Colombia, including remote indigenous communities. I can safely say that working with and helping people, is one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever do; I am definitely a people's person.

Since I was little, my father planted on us the idea of how important learning another language it was, not only for our professional development but for our life in general, so I started learning English from a very young age and if I hadn't learnt the language I would not be here.

I firmly believe that languages open doors; the capacity to see the world with different eyes and from other perspectives makes life a lot more interesting.


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