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My name is Jaclyn and I run Lingotot Gravesend. This is a new venture for me after working in London for many years, but after the birth of my son, I wanted something that combined my passion for languages with the flexibility needed for family life.

I have family in Andalucía and we visit often, so Spanish has always been part of my life and is a reason I studied it from a young age. It’s wonderful being able to dive into another culture and I wanted that same opportunity for my son. I looked for classes in the area but couldn’t find any for his age, which was really disappointing because young children soak up languages so quickly.

There really is an advantage to introducing children to languages at a young age, and it’s exciting that I am now able to bring this award winning programme to Gravesend. The Lingotot classes are full of fun with songs, stories, games and crafts, it's such a great way for the children to learn, and before they realise it, they will have learnt many new words. I think it is wonderful that I will be able to play a part in children’s enjoyment of languages and I love teaching my little Lingotots!

I'm so pleased to have won several awards (Best for Learning in Kent in the Hoop Awards, Lingotot's Best New Franchisee & Shooting Star awards) as well as having been shortlisted for the Club Hub awards, WOFK and Kent Women In Business awards.

We run parent and child community classes at the Eastgate centre on Mondays and Saturdays as well as teaching in nurseries and schools where we run lunch and after school clubs. We also love helping schools with their MFL curriculum provision and providing PPA cover.

Don't forget to also keep up to date with everything we're doing by following us on Facebook at Lingotot Gravesend and if you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Learning Spanish is making a difference to the child's overall development, feedback from families is always incredible

Well what can we say about Jaclyn at Lingotot and the amazing classes she offers! Our nursery setting has been using Jaclyn at Lingotot for two years now and we could not be happier with the service she provides! The children are always so excited to attend their Wednesday Spanish lesson. The classes are very well organised and Jaclyn is so personal and will happily ensure all families are kept up to date with what is being taught in the classes but also how we as parents can support the children at home. Jaclyn will ensure all children are interested and does fantastically at remembering all of the children's names! Jaclyn ensures she knows the children well to encourage them emotionally and supports their well being and confidence. Jaclyn keeps the lessons very stress free by organising it all for us and will also ensure we communicates with all families and we always do our best to support her. Jaclyn always had large classes and feedback from families was always incredible! Children, Parents and Staff will always speak so highly of Jaclyn and how she is fun and the lessons are fun too! Staff are enjoying the lessons just as much as the children. Staff regularly comment on the children's confidence and how quick the children are learning Spanish and what a difference it is making to the child's overall development. We have missed Jaclyn so much due to COVID 19 but it is so wonderful to hear the families continue to use Jaclyn at home for virtual classes and we love hearing how much the children continue to learn and enjoy their Spanish lessons. We really look forward to being able to have Jaclyn back with us in setting providing her fantastic spanish lessons very soon we hope! Thank you so much Jaclyn, for all you do! I would highly recommend your Spanish lessons to everyone and anyone.

Toni Morley - Centre Director - Busy Bees Chatham

Honestly amazed!

I just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done teaching my daughter Skylar (in the Chatham Busy Bees class). She has spent this weekend asking for food (mainly ham and potatoes) in Spanish and today was walking around a lake pointing out ‘patos’ (at the ducks) and singing and counting in Spanish so confidently- I’m honestly amazed! So thank you.

(Parent of a child at a nursery we teach at - aged 3)

Lucy Robson

Super impressed

I must say that my family were all very impressed listening to Lily singing twinkle little star in Spanish. They thought it was amazing; and that she can count to 10 (which I too am super impressed by!). My uncle and aunt volunteer at an old age home and my uncle was so proud he played a recording of Lily trying to teach me twinkle to anyone who would listen. Thank you so much. Lily really does enjoy learning Spanish. She has made me a very proud mommy...

(A parent of a child at at a nursery we teach at - aged 3)

Carmel Weitzmann

Joining your class has been one of the best decisions we've made

Just wanted to pass on a little moment we just had. Maya loves Dylan’s star light in his room and Dylan wanted her to go and play in there. He went over to her, knelt down and said “Maya, donde estas estrellas?” Without any prompting and as natural as anything. Like you said I don’t think he even thinks of it now, he just slips odd Spanish words in quite a bit. Joining your class has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Thank you so much

(parent of a child we teach at an after school club - aged 4)

Kayleigh Perry

Wonder Years Daycare

We are so lucky to have Jaclyn from Lingotot come to our daycare every week, our preschoolers and KS1 children love her lessons and have a great understanding of how and what she teaches. The songs are very catchy and we all sing them throughout the day even the adults! 

Martina Bunker

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Current Classes

High Halstow Primary Academy Spanish after school club JUN/JUL term

Total course price: £28.00

4 sessions starting on
Mon, Jun 12, 2023 3:15 PM

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Busy Bees CHATHAM - SPANISH - Ages 0-3 (Bombos 1&2 and Bumbles rooms) - JUN/JUL term

Total course price: £15.00

6 sessions starting on
Thu, Jun 8, 2023 10:00 AM

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Busy Bees CHATHAM - SPANISH - Ages 3+ (Foundation class) - JUN/JUL term

Total course price: £21.00

6 sessions starting on
Thu, Jun 8, 2023 10:30 AM

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St George's Primary School Spanish after school club - JUN/JUL TERM

Total course price: £30.00

5 sessions starting on
Thu, Jun 8, 2023 3:15 PM

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