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Welcome to Lingotot Newcastle East!

My name is Pamela, I am Italian and teaching & languages are my passion!

I started learning my first foreign language (French) when I was eight years old, in primary school. I was lucky enough to participate in an exchange programme when I was 16 - it was then that I learnt to speak English. Some years later, Spanish was added to the mix! I love learning about other cultures and I hope I will be able to transfer this passion to our learners. 

Ever since I was little, if people asked ‘what will you be when you grow up’, I’d say ‘teacher’! I later developed a passion for languages, which I pursued at university, then by travelling and, ultimately, I qualified as a MFL teacher for secondary schools in Wales in 2006. I am really excited about becoming part of the Lingotot family because it is going to give children in the area the chance to expand their horizons by learning about new languages and cultures, while having fun. And I am also planning to enjoy myself in the process!

I am looking forward to making a positive impact in children’s learning by having them experience something as special as learning about new languages and cultures. Society and the world of work are becoming increasingly multicultural and ‘international’ and I would love to be supporting children to get ready for what the future holds for them in this respect.

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