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⭐️ I’m Hattie! I’m 29 and from Scarborough. I’ve lived in Newcastle for the past 9 years, since coming to Newcastle to study for a Modern Languages degree. I’m now a Secondary School Languages teacher in Walker and the very proud owner of Lingotot North Tyneside… I’m so exited to share my Lingotot journey with you all! 🎈🥳

⭐️ What is Lingotot?

Where language learning is child’s play! We teach fun and interactive classes for all children aged 0-12 in community groups, preschools, nurseries, after school clubs and we also provide MFL PPA cover in Primary schools! 👩🏼‍🏫🌈

⭐️ My Motivations

As a languages teacher I see the enormous value of learning languages. To teach and inspire young language learners is a huge passion of mine! 🌎✨

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Tel: 0845 680 8148
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