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Bonjour! Salut! Buongiorno! Ciao! Guten Tag! Hola!

My name is Lizzie Walker and I'm delighted to welcome you to Sevenoaks Lingotot to share my love for languages with our local children and their families.

I've always had a love of languages and an international outlook on life.  From starting primary school in Germany, to early holidays in France where my brother and I were sent to "la boulangerie" every day to buy "les croissants", languages have always been a love of mine.  I subsequently went on to gain 'A' levels in French and German, followed by a first class degree in Modern Languages (French and Italian) from the University of Bristol.  I've had the good fortune to spend time living in Paris, Rome and Verona and I used to visit my parents regularly who lived in Tuscany for over 15 years.   During this time, I lived in New Zealand, Australia and Dubai and used my language skills professionally in a successful career in the international wine industry.  

Now I am a parent myself to two young boys, who themselves started learning Arabic aged 2 while living in Dubai.  Their Swiss/British cousins are bilingual.  Despite this exposure, I felt that my own children were falling behind with little or no language knowledge and I knew, both from research and my own experience, that the earlier children learn, the easier it is for them.     

Now I have the pleasure of opening Sevenoaks Lingotot.  Our award-winning Lingotot language classes are fun and interactive with songs, games, stories and crafts all designed to help children learn naturally, without them even realising that they’re doing so.  Our Community Classes are suitable for babies, toddlers, young children and their parents or carers so the whole family can enjoy learning a new language together! 

Sevenoaks Lingotot will initially be offering French Community Classes to U5s and their parents or carers.  In the near future, Lingotot will be offering French sessions in nurseries, KS1 and KS2 at Primary Schools (PPA), Lunch and After-School clubs as well as Holiday Camps, with new languages to follow.

Our aim is to give children a positive association with languages early on in their lives.  They gain a huge amount of confidence and self esteem from our classes, and the benefits to their wider academic success and development are numerous.  Older class groups attain a solid base to take with them into secondary school and further into their lives.  Learning languages broadens their world!  

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Sevenoaks Lingotot and how we can help you and your child to explore the wonderful world of languages.  I’d love to hear from you! 

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