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Bonjour! ¡Hola! Guten Tag! Ciao!

I’m Julie, and I’m very excited to be bringing the first Lingotot classes to Devon through my South Devon franchise. There are so many things to commend the Lingotot methods of delivering language learning to young children, not least watching their self-confidence and enjoyment as they mimic, sing, listen to stories and acquire multiple skills through play, craft and drama without even realising it. To watch the lightbulb moment when they communicate independently and fearlessly still gives me a thrill and is the main reason I became a teacher. The benefits to other areas of development-improved listening and communication skills, greater self-esteem, a positive view of other people and cultures, to name a few, are also great reasons to start learning a new language. I am passionate in my belief that “the younger you start, the better!” But it’s never too late to learn….

I have lived and taught students from 5-19 years old in the UK and France but for the past five years I have been a Deputy Headteacher in a large, busy Devon secondary school and previous to that, was Head of a Modern Languages department and an Advanced Skills teacher for Primary Languages. I have missed the joy of the classroom of late, thus my decision to work more closely with children in my local community and start my own Lingotot franchise.

I live with my husband, two boys, my chocolate Labrador Reggie and two cats, Calvin and Hobbes in the South Devon countryside.

Lingotot South Devon will be offering their multi-award winning KS1 and 2 lunch and after-school clubs, holiday clubs, classes as part of the school curriculum (PPA) and community classes-predominantly in French but also in Spanish, German and Italian in nursery, primary and community settings. Community classes can be a lot of fun with members of the family learning together, young and old(er!) so come along and find out what you’re missing!

Please get in touch with any questions via email or phone and look out for all the latest information on nearby classes on this website page, on Facebook and on Instagram.

I look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of languages soon!

À bientôt!


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