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My name is Monica Moreno, I am from Venezuela and I live Hornchurch, London with my partner Chris and my handsome son, Alejandro. I have always had a passion for teaching languages, I still remember when I was in secondary school, when I used to teach English to my cousins and they enjoyed it, my mum saw that in me and encouraged me to go to the University and study Education.

I studied at University and attained my degree in Education (Teaching English), a few years later I got my master’s degree in Leadership and Management in Education. Once qualified I worked as an English Teacher for 8 years in Primary, Secondary Schools and at University!

When I arrived in the UK, I was lucky enough to get a position teaching Spanish in primary education. I have also taught English as a second language at a UK adult college.

I have always loved teaching, especially through songs, dancing and rhymes and making children enjoy, laugh, and learn at the same time. Having my own academy has been my dream, as it combines teaching and the opportunity to spend quality time with my family without sacrificing what I love doing, teaching languages. Lingotot has meant that I can run my own business around the needs of my family and I still get to teach languages through interactive activities – Great match!

Lingotot lessons introduce children to a new language through a unique combination of song, movement, stories, and games. Classes are suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and primary school aged children as well as parents and carers, all designed to allow the whole family to learn together.

I would love to see you in a class very soon. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.


¡Hasta luego! À bientôt!


Monica x



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