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My name is Amy and I live in Cannock, Staffordshire with my husband Darren and I am a mum to my two boys, Charlie who is 11 and Jack who is 8 and our furry baby Molly the dog. I have always had a love of languages ever since I began learning them at school. After a family holiday to northern France when I was 8 years old, I wanted to be able to speak as many different languages as I could.

I have a degree in French and German and through my love of languages I have also learnt Spanish to A-Level. I am passionate about all things to do with languages - possibly to the extent I am a language nerd- but my main passions are languages and teaching.

I have taught languages in schools now since 2009 both in secondary and primary schools and I am so proud that we now teach languages in community classes and nurseries to our tiniest linguists. 

We are just entering our fifth year (yes, I started a business 5 dys before a national lockdown!) and we now teach close to 2000 children a week in all of our different classes.

We are currently inspiring children to learn languages in 7 primary schools across the area through our PPA cover and CPD offer and schools are thrilled with the high-quality teaching we offer as well as the support with MFL provision, clubs and holiday childcare provision. 

Our methodology of teaching is based on language-learning research into how children acquire a second language and we focus on fun, enthusiasm and play so that we can inspire the next generation of life-long language learners. 

We would love to meet you at one of our classes or come and visit your school and nursery to show you a glimpse of what we do - we love to shout aboout our classes because I am immensely proud!

Amy x

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