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I'm Harriet - a qualified MFL teacher and mum to my gorgeous girls Zoe and Georgie. I took on Lingotot West Hove in September 2019. 

From a young age I have been amazed by foreign languages, in fact I used to walk around at home making noises and telling everyone I was speaking French! My first holiday in France cemented the passion and I have dedicated my education and career to learning languages and trying to spread my love for them. Not just for the words, but for the lifelong experiences that those 'words' can deliver - the smells, tastes, laughter and friendships that speaking another language can bring. 

As a teacher I have seen first hand the benefit that learning languages can bring to children. It improves literacy, helps build confidence, and building a strong foundation for languages makes it much easier when your children come to GCSEs and beyond. The younger a child learns a language, the better! 

I also see in my own children an ability to pick up anything they want to, but also a love of learning through song, play, dance and creativity. This is what hooked me onto the Lingotot method. We immerse our students into the language through everything they love doing - it is such a joy to watch the progession. Going to a Lingotot class really is like going to your favourite baby or toddler class, but with the added benefit of picking up a new language.

I'd love to see you in a class very soon. Please do get in touch if you have any questions. 

à bientôt!


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