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Lingotot Language Classes for Kids
mfl ppa cover Lingotot Accredited KS2 Course Dubai Children's Language Franchise Preschool French Spanish German Chinese Mandarin Drama classes for children French classes for kids

French, Spanish, German & Chinese classes for children in preschools, nurseries, after school clubs & MFL PPA cover in schools. Children's language franchise for flexible working.

"Lingotot is a fantastic tool to introduce Early Years children to French. Our Lingotutor is absolutely full of energy and keeps the children interested and engaged for the whole session, which is not an easy task. The children are already picking up the basics and really look forward to their weekly visits. Parents are also very positive about the sessions and inform us regularly that their children are using French at home."
Michelle Gascoigne, Nursery Manager, Linskill Nursery
Lingotot is proud to teach our multi award-winning language classes to thousands of children each and every week in a variety of settings; pre-school language sessions; nursery school languages classes; MFL PPA teaching in primary schools; after school language clubs; foreign language drama classes. All of our children's language classes are available in French, Spanish, German or Chinese. Arabic is coming soon.

Our tried and tested language programmes for childrenwere created by Lingotot Founder, Angela Sterling. Angela is a fully qualified and experience MFL teacher as well as an award-winning businesswoman. Our classes are interactive and fun, designed to introduce children to a new language in a friendly and relaxed environment. We speak 100% in the foreign language but our skills and expertise ensure everyone understands. Following our carefully tried and tested methodology, your child could leave the very first class responding to French, Spanish, German or  Chinese! Suitable for babies, toddlers, young children up to age fact the whole family!

We teach the adults who attend at the same time as the children and you don't have to have any prior knowledge of a language. Trust us to lead the whole family through your language-learning journey with our tips on how to continue at home. We will never put you on the spot or ask anyone to speak until they are ready!

Research suggests that children who know two languages can gain an academic and social advantage over those who speak only one. Children have an amazing ability to learn language and this happens best when it is interactive, engaging and child-centered. Come along to one of our classes to see natural language learning in practice! Find a Lingotot children's language class in your area here.

My 2 year old daughter loves the French classes. They are a great mix of dance, music and story telling. The time for crafts and snacks is also lovely for socialising. She already understands loads of words and is speaking some too, including counting and singing some of the songs. She loves the CD! Highly recommended!

by Bridget Hurcomb

Contact us for information on any of our services including French classes for kids, children’s language franchise and MFL PPA cover.

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      French,   Spanish and Mandarin Chinese classes for babies, toddlers and young   children. Flexible working childrens language franchise for mums and   mumpreneurs.
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