Language learning for our youngest learners (and their grown-ups!)

Our classes start from birth - our youngest ever Lingotot was only 5 days old!

Great for Bonding

Our babies can respond to the language they hear before they can even talk! It’s great for bonding with your little one and meeting new friends at class.

Our classes are inclusive and welcoming with lots of like-minded people waiting to meet you and say hello...we even make sure our parents grab a hot cuppa and a chocolate biscuit - looking after you as well as your little one!

How your child will benefit

Knowing two languages has economic, social, and communicative benefits. As well as other benefits listed on our website, there are several important advantages of being bilingual that are especially helpful for babies such as the ability to pick up new words quickly, improved communication skills in their native language and boosting the ability to learn new information.

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