Language learning for our preschool Lingotots (and their grown-ups!)

Our littlest learners absorb a new language easily while doing every day things they love such as playing, singing, pretend play, movement & dancing, stories and crafts....but all in a new language!

The benefits of early language learning

There are so many benefits to knowing a second language. The most obvious ones spring to mind first; travelling, understanding other cultures, enjoying films, books, music from different countries, intercultural understanding etc.

But there are many advantages which are less obvious. Knowing two languages can help improve literacy skills in their native language and all round intellectual benefits. Being multilingual improves school performance and increases overall problem-solving skills. Research also suggests bilingual children are more creative than monolingual speakers and score higher on academic tests. It’s also been suggested that bilingual toddlers have better concentration too.

Preparing children for school

Languages are now compulsory in English & Scottish primary schools with Wales soon to follow, so learning in early years helps children become school ready.

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