We are proud to teach our adult beginner conversation classes, LingoChat. Why are we different? You will learn a new conversation each week in class and by classroom we mean the pub! Or a café, or anywhere else that feels relaxed, comfortable and social.

Our tried and tested language programmes for adult beginners are interactive and fun, designed to introduce you to a new language in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our skills and expertise ensure everyone understands and leaves the very first class able to hold a conversation in the language.

You don't have to have any prior knowledge of a language, we teach you everything including excellent pronunciation, social skills and even some slang words to make you sound like one of the natives. Trust us to lead you through your language learning journey.

What Happens at a LingoChat Class?

Our aim to get you chatting in your chosen language like a pro and the first step is to remove any barriers to learning or inhibitions. We will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, welcome and ready to learn! You will always have the chance to practise your new skills with a trusted language buddy until you are feeling confident before we start having lots of fun and playing with the language. We always end with a focus on culture and of course that all important social time! LingoChat classes are a great place to meet like-minded friends.

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