A Day in the Life of a Lingotot Franchisee...

Posted: Mon, Oct 29, 2018 11:44 AM

Here at Lingotot HQ, we are asked a LOT about what an ordinary day is like for a Lingotot franchisee.

Here at Lingotot our franchisees are part of a close and supportive community. That includes lots of chit chat amongst each other, a lot of which is on social media since we're dotted all over the country.

A couple of weeks ago I asked our franchisees a simple question; "What are you up to today?"

The answers I received were as wide-ranging as the personalities of our fantastic franchisees and I thought it would be great to share them with you.

Some are very work-oriented such as Sarah who told us, "I'm teaching in two nurseries, one Little Lingotots community class, PPA teaching in a school and then an after school club!"

Some were mixed, like Julie who said, "I am teaching PIYO this morning then some Lingotot marketing & follow ups afterwards. I had lovely little language classes yesterday & my first lunchtime French club has completely filled up!"

And Mandy who shared her plans for the day, "Teaching a lovely community class this morning, preschool this afternoon. Hugs and a story with my girls before bed and I’m off to the cinema!"

Some franchisees were enjoying a well-deserved day off, like Katrin, "Today is no Lingotot day (besides a bit of admin). I will try and buy flights for Christmas, clean the house, do all the laundry and go to the fair after school with my kids!"

What shone out for me from their answers was more than just the variety, it was the FLEXIBILITY! They have all integrated Lingotot into their every day lives, juggling classes with family life, children and sometimes even other jobs!


Click here to watch our short little video for more responses...


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- Angela Sterling, Lingotot Founder and CEO