Lingotot Meets with Education Secretary Gillian Keegan MP

Posted: Wed, Oct 4, 2023 12:56 PM

Angela Sterling, the founder and CEO of Lingotot, has met with Education Secretary Gillian Keegan MP, for a meeting of minds that left a lasting impression.

Seminar: Apprenticeship Reform and Degree Apprenticeships

Angela attended a seminar led by Education Secretary Gillian Keegan MP, titled "Apprenticeship Reform: How Can Degree Apprenticeships Fulfil Their Potential?" The seminar delved into the significant strides made in degree apprenticeships and their potential for shaping the future of education and workforce development.

A Personal Conversation: From Degree Apprenticeships to Teaching Apprenticeships

After the seminar, Angela had the privilege of meeting Education Secretary Gillian Keegan MP in person. Angela began by congratulating the minister on the remarkable success of degree apprenticeships and their positive impact on education and employment prospects.

The conversation naturally transitioned to the subject of teaching apprenticeships, and Angela was delighted to learn that the minister was making significant progress in introducing degree apprenticeships in the field of education. Having created teaching qualifications herself, Angela understand this is not an easy task! This promising development holds the potential to revolutionise teacher training and bring fresh perspectives to the classroom.

Introducing Lingotot: A Language Revolution in Primary Education

During their discussion, Angela took the opportunity to introduce Lingotot, a pioneering brand dedicated to quality language teaching in primary schools. Lingotot's mission is to make language learning fun, engaging, and accessible to young children, helping them develop vital language skills from an early age. Angela's passion for providing children with the opportunity to embrace language and culture through immersive learning experiences shone through.

Minister Keegan's Encouragement and Commitment

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan MP was not only impressed by the success of Lingotot but also by the noble cause it champions. She wholeheartedly congratulated Angela on the meaningful work Lingotot is doing to enrich the lives of children through language education.

Minister Keegan expressed her commitment to staying in touch, keeping the conversation alive, and learning more about Lingotot's future successes. This commitment reflects the government's dedication to supporting innovative and impactful initiatives in education.



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